A Bad Smell

I have been away this week at a wedding (and helping with preparations for the wedding). It was lovely but very tiring – more to follow, including pictures.

We returned home yesterday to a Bad Smell. The lounge smells like a farmyard. Have briefly hunted for what is causing it but can’t find anything. I’m sure that the special kitty has something to do with it. I think that we will have to pull all the furniture out later to check that he hasn’t left a present rotting quietly somewhere. Oh joy!

2 thoughts on “A Bad Smell

  1. Ewww! Good luck with that.

    Our litlte dears brought us two gifts over the week-end. Both in the middle of the night, both ‘played with’ noisily beneath the bed. Disposing of said beasties whilst half-asleep is not my idea of fun.

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