A Bad Smell Part II

So, the Bad Smell lingers on. Mr WF and I have pulled out all of the furniture to check for Bad Things that Smell (actually, Mr WF did all the moving while I stood and directed) and found nothing. It is most bizarre. We’re going to try mopping the floor in case there is something we missed but I am really baffled (and rather embarrassed) by the stinkiness.

3 thoughts on “A Bad Smell Part II

  1. Something between the floor and ceiling perhaps? In chimney? (sorry, don’t know if you have one.) Have had both things happen.

  2. Now that something I hadn’t thought of. Will get Mr WF or big bro (when he arrives) to do some investigation. Thanks!

  3. We had a similar problem once. Eventually we discovered its source when we turned the sofa upside down and found a mouse festering in the lining, complete with maggots (which one of our kind cats had brought in!).

    Hope you find out what it is soon!!

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