Hunger and holiday

Today is a hungry day. Nothing I eat will satiate my hunger. I have just eaten a huge dinner of chilli con carne and rice and am now, only 30 mins later hungry again. Mr WF is making me custard. Mmmm. Getting really fed up of being hungry and as we are going on holiday tomorrow there is a limited supply of food in the house.

On that note, holiday tomorrow. Woop woop. We are both really looking forward to getting away for a whole week, relaxing and doing mostly nothing. I have just got 6 books out of the library, we have borrowed Season 1 &2 of the West Wing, and during my big sort out yesterday (rearranged the lounge and the dining room – both looking fantastic now) I found £30 of book tokens. Should be a good week. I’m trying not to think about the fact that its nearly babytime when we return.

One thought on “Hunger and holiday

  1. Mmmm…chilli con carne and rice. And then custard. Double Mmmm.
    [Though sorry to read of hunger frustrations… Continued prayers.]

    Have a wondrois holiday: books, DVDs…sounds wondrous!

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