Things that have happened

It has been an eventful few weeks. Things that have happened that I may or may not blog about in more detail in the future include:
Water coming through the ceiling in the kitchen (from the bathroom)
A wonderful holiday in Wales (I did mostly NOTHING. Yay!)
The cat weed on the Wii (both are still alive)
I had a baby shower (and now have enough appropriate clothes to dress the Boy Wibbly as a pirate for several months)
I now have an abundance of cake in the house (don’t worry, it will get eaten)
I may not be coming to Greenbelt (Mr WF has just decided to do the 3 Peaks challenge at the weekend)
The guest bed mysteriously broke in a rather dramatic fashion when noone was sleeping in it or even anywhere near it (it kind of snapped in two)

There will be pictures from the very beautiful place we stayed on holiday very soon (unfortunately I took no snaps of the chocolate farm – you’ll just have to imagine that one!).

One thought on “Things that have happened

  1. I don’t understand quite how you manage to live such an eventful life!! It’s pretty impressive.

    Sad about Greenbelt, but was a little unsure that a festival was just where you needed to be at this point. xxx

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