Monthly Archives: September 2009

A Golden Moment

Wispa Gold has returned! My favourite chocolate bar ever. I thought that the launch date was 14th September and have been waiting patiently for them to hit the shops. But imagine my delight when on a trip to the hospital shop to top up supplies (have you ever eaten hospital food – yuk) I found an entire box of them on sale. I was very restrained and only bought two. But how much joy did they bring!

The next dilemma that faced me is finding a local shop that would sell them. I wasn’t holding out any hope but imagine again my delight when Mr WF returned from our local Co-op (our nearest shop) with 3 of the golden bars.

Imagine again how my joy overflowed when the post arrived (never have I received so much post in one day) and in a pampering parcel from Liz was another Wispa Gold bar.


What a week

Jack and I were readmitted to hospital last Friday as he was jaundiced and so sleepy he was refusing to feed. We spent a long 4 days in hospital trying to coax him to wake up and eat. Finally, he has discovered that he quite likes food and has started putting on weight.

Mr WF and I are emotionally drained and very tired (strict 3 hourly feeding regime). I never expected it could be this hard. And I now have a new phobia of weighing scales – its far worse than going to Weight Watchers.

Jack, however, is perfect and we are looking forward to settling into life together over the next few days and weeks.

Greenbelt and more…

I made it to Greenbelt for the day on Sunday and spent it catching up with old friends, drinking tea at the Tiny Tea Tent, eating good food and, of course, the lovely Wibmeet. I had a wonderful day but was very very tired by the end of it!

Someone else seem to find it very exciting too. So much so that he decided to make an early appearance (4 weeks early) yesterday lunchtime. Jack Edward Wibblyfish was born at 1.02pm weighing 6lb15.5oz. He is gorgeous and healthy and amazing. He doesn’t even have a cone head!

Mt WF and I are still a little shell-shocked. Mr WF hadn’t yet recovered from the 3 Peaks Challenge he did at the weekend. So, we both started off parenthood with a severe lack of sleep (start as you mean to go on) and neither of us can walk up and down the stairs very easily now!

He is the boy so you can feast upon his gorgeousness:


Jack & Jo