Greenbelt and more…

I made it to Greenbelt for the day on Sunday and spent it catching up with old friends, drinking tea at the Tiny Tea Tent, eating good food and, of course, the lovely Wibmeet. I had a wonderful day but was very very tired by the end of it!

Someone else seem to find it very exciting too. So much so that he decided to make an early appearance (4 weeks early) yesterday lunchtime. Jack Edward Wibblyfish was born at 1.02pm weighing 6lb15.5oz. He is gorgeous and healthy and amazing. He doesn’t even have a cone head!

Mt WF and I are still a little shell-shocked. Mr WF hadn’t yet recovered from the 3 Peaks Challenge he did at the weekend. So, we both started off parenthood with a severe lack of sleep (start as you mean to go on) and neither of us can walk up and down the stairs very easily now!

He is the boy so you can feast upon his gorgeousness:


Jack & Jo

10 thoughts on “Greenbelt and more…

  1. Welcome to the world, Jack! It certainly sounds like it’s been a bit over-exciting this Greenbelt…

    Congratulations to you and Mr Wibblyfish.

  2. Massive congratulations and some slight laughter. Can’t help but reflect on the way you were talking about the way your anti-natal class kept being one short because of early births. Seriously really lovely to see the pictures and massive congratulations again to the whole family.

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