What a week

Jack and I were readmitted to hospital last Friday as he was jaundiced and so sleepy he was refusing to feed. We spent a long 4 days in hospital trying to coax him to wake up and eat. Finally, he has discovered that he quite likes food and has started putting on weight.

Mr WF and I are emotionally drained and very tired (strict 3 hourly feeding regime). I never expected it could be this hard. And I now have a new phobia of weighing scales – its far worse than going to Weight Watchers.

Jack, however, is perfect and we are looking forward to settling into life together over the next few days and weeks.

4 thoughts on “What a week

  1. I’m so sorry that it’s been such a tough start to an otherwise amazing phase in your lives. Really praying that things go better from now on.
    Much love xxx
    PS – Can’t wait to see photos of Jack as a pirate!

  2. The first few weeks are often hard, please don’t beat yourself up. Just remember that although of course it’s important that he puts on weight over time, life should not revolve round the scales. Despite what some midwives/HVs might have you believe. Once he’s regained his birth weight and you’ve been discharged by the midwives, he’ll be weighed less anyway – I don’t know about your HV but I never weighed on the first visit as the chances are the baby would have been weighed a day or two earlier by the midwife on the final visit so it was a bit pointless.

    Give it a few more weeks, even by 6 weeks (which is very soon!) you’ll be amazed at how much he can do compared to now. And in the meantime nap whenever you can.

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