A Golden Moment

Wispa Gold has returned! My favourite chocolate bar ever. I thought that the launch date was 14th September and have been waiting patiently for them to hit the shops. But imagine my delight when on a trip to the hospital shop to top up supplies (have you ever eaten hospital food – yuk) I found an entire box of them on sale. I was very restrained and only bought two. But how much joy did they bring!

The next dilemma that faced me is finding a local shop that would sell them. I wasn’t holding out any hope but imagine again my delight when Mr WF returned from our local Co-op (our nearest shop) with 3 of the golden bars.

Imagine again how my joy overflowed when the post arrived (never have I received so much post in one day) and in a pampering parcel from Liz was another Wispa Gold bar.


3 thoughts on “A Golden Moment

  1. So pleased it arrived safely despite the post strikes! Thank Paddington station Sainsburys – it’s the only place in London I’ve seen them so far! (I’ve not dared eat one yet, in fear that it will lead me down the slippery slope!)

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