Monthly Archives: November 2009


Today I wore contact lenses instead of my usual red-framed glasses. I saw some friends who had never seen me without glasses before. Noone noticed. In fact, not even Mr WF noticed until I mentioned it to him. Bizarre

I want

Things I want to do include:
Bake (not unrealistic)
Strip the wallpaper in the dining room (it is currently in a bad, partly stripped state due to rewiring and replastering. Achievable but frowned upon by Mr WF)
Paint the dining room (will probably require hanging lining paper and I want it done before Christmas in time for hosting our first Christmas dinner. Also achievable but provokes frowning and wagging of finger by Mr WF)
Spend a day at a spa (approved heartily by Mr WF but not entirely practical at the moment due to feeding commitments)
Sleep for a whole night (see above)
Go on holiday to somewhere beautiful and warm (approved, practical but unfortunately too costly)

I think that I will settle for baking some cookies and using them to bribe some friends to come and strip the wallpaper for me. Who’s in?