Some DIY tips

In a moment of sleep-deprived insanity, I decided that we needed to redecorate our dining room in preparation for hosting our first Christmas at our home. Patches of the wallpaper had been stripped for the rewiring and it was in a terrible state.

As a result of several weeks spent stripping wallpaper in a house where the previous owners loved to do a bodge job, I have the following advice to offer:

1) When putting up a dado rail, make sure that it is straight, especially on the wall with geometric wallpaper
2) If you run out of dado 3 inches from the end, go and buy some more, a big ol’ blob of polyfiller won’t suffice
3) If you want to block up an old fireplace by all means use a piece of cardboard and some gaff tape, but please don’t cover over the gaffa tape with polyfiller
4) When putting up wallpaper or lining paper, please don’t put a dado rail or coving on top of it as it makes it terribly hard to remove.

However, despite these and many other pitfalls, the wallpaper is stripped, the holes have been patched up and my lovely mother is coming on Wednesday to repaper the room in a very pretty wallpaper. Really looking forward to sitting down to Christmas dinner in my beautiful dining room!