Maybe I’ll return…

… to blogging more frequently. Maybe that could be a New Year Resolution (I haven’t made any yet). Or maybe I am starting to reclaim my life a little bit.

The Scraplet is now 4 months old and has moved onto bottles this week (due to chronic mastitis for those in the know – wouldn’t advise getting this if I were you) and suddenly I have a little more freedom. Tomorrow I am going on a training course (all day long) on Post-abortion Counselling (I volunteer at a Crisis Pregnancy Centre). I’ve never left him for that long before but Mr WF is stepping up to the plate and doing his fatherly duty (I wonder how they’ll cope. More to the point, I wonder how I’ll cope as I’ve never left the Scrap for more than a few hours before.

The job-hunting resumes in earnest this week. I’d like to work for 2 days a week but not at the school I used to work at. However, I don’t really know what I want to do with myself. I do have a little inkling of an idea that I will be investigating and may mention here in the future if anything comes of it.

2 thoughts on “Maybe I’ll return…

  1. Welcome back. I remember it vaguely… it was a long time ago, but learning to leave them is a good thing; not for ever. And not (if you have a choice) for fifteen hours a day, but little by little.

    Anyway, very good luck with it! Jjx

  2. Full support for the return to blogging and can only sympathise re: mastitis – sounds horrid!

    Can imagine it must be hard leaving the gorgeously lovely scraplet…but think how much sweeter the return will be! (Plus, I’m sure Mr WF will love having some quality time alone with him.)


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