The Hilton and a washing machine

So, this week has been spend at the Hilton Metropole in Birmingham. Not a glamorous location but a lovely hotel. It was Mr WFs work staff conference which was hastily relocated (in a matter of a few hours) from Wales to the Hilton due to a norovirus outbreak. It was a wonderful time and I could definitely get accustomed to staying in plush hotels.

Its always nice to get home and today brings the task of dealing with the mountains of laundry generated by a small (and rather pukey) boy. Unfortunately, the washing machine pipes seem to have frozen. So thanks to several kind offers I will spend the day wading through the laundry and distributing it to various friends for a quick wash. Talk about coming down to earth with a bump!

2 thoughts on “The Hilton and a washing machine

  1. There’s a thought – given I’ve just had to have my bath outlet pipe sorted out, and it looks like I’m going to need new drain pipes at the back of the house, I’d better check the water pipe to the washing machine. Else I’ll be on the lookout for kind friends.

  2. you have some nice friends! i hope the frozen pipes won’t burst (my faucet in the basement is dripping to help avoid the problem, just-in-case).
    on that note, welcome home!

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