The washing machine (again)

So, the pipes on my washing machine were frozen. They aren’t any more. At least, they weren’t last night when the force of water blew the hose off the connector and filled our utility area with icy water.

I was very tired and had failed to get an early night. Finally I went to bed and fell fast asleep. Moments later I was awoken by Mr WF shaking me and telling me that I needed to get up. I managed to stop the flow of water (by turning off the tap) whilst standing ankle deep in freezing water in my socks and slippers. I then left Mr WF to mop up the water (using every single one of our towels – really need to get that machine working again now!) Fortunately, all it needs is a new hose which will cost about £10 and can be easily attached by yours truly.

Today, I am wearing tights and two pairs of sock as my toes haven’t quite recovered and, of course, my slippers are no longer fit for use.

It could have been far far worse and I am grateful that we were around to stop the flow of water not too long after it started.