Its only 9.30am…

… and I’ve already had a nice breakfast with Mr WF, stripped the beds and put the bedding in the wash, fixed the dishwasher that has been broken and out of action for around 4 months, gone to Dunelm Mill and bought a new kitchen bin, transferred rubbish from old bin to new bin, fed, changed and cuddled the Scrap.

Now, off to Buggyfit, then lunch with a friend, then attempt to cook dinner before Mr WF comes home and maybe a few moments to sit down with a hot cup of tea and put my feet up.

A nice quiet day then.

3 thoughts on “Its only 9.30am…

  1. lovely! well done.
    perhaps so chocolate with your tea, too?
    (or is that just not done? i could rationalize chocolate for most any occasion)

  2. Flipping heck! I’d barely got to work by 9.30!
    Although, before leaving home I did solve the problem of why the toilet flush didn’t seem to be working – I may have to replace the ballcock, which sounds like tremendous fun!

    Go us and our DIY skills! x

  3. I am exhausted reading you pre-9:30 activities!

    Hope you enjoyed the cup of tea: I’m off to get one now [at 1:30pm].

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