Its 8.30am

and I want to stay in bed for a very long time. Failing that, I want to sit on the sofa in front of the telly for a very long time.

Unfortunately, I need to get up, showered and dressed, deal with a stinky boy, change and dress him, prepare dinner and put it in my new old (original 1970s) slow cooker, prepare bottles/nappies for the day ahead, pack my bags, make lunch to take with me and head out to visit a friend and then meet up with my NCT group, following which I shall head home, eat dinner with Mr WF, bathe and put the Scrap to bed and head out to collect a baby door bouncer from a fellow Freegler. I should be home and watching West Wing on the laptop in bed by 9pm.

Another nice quiet day ahead then.

[Its now 8.48am. I am still in bed. The smell from the Scrap is overwhelming. I am very hungry and need breakfast. Can’t persuade myself to get out of bed. Its too cosy.]

2 thoughts on “Its 8.30am

  1. Ahhh, so you were in bed when you texted me and I was walking to the tube! Good for you. In response, how about the last weekend in Feb? x

  2. just think: after West Wing you can climb back in bed… just need to get through the day first! good luck with the baby door bouncer thing – promotes strong legs! 😀


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