Slow cooker disaster

My first attempt at cooking in my new old slow cooker was a bit of a disaster. It just smelt and tasted like lamb mince that had been cooked for 8 hours. We quickly made some pasta for dinner and will turn the mince into shepherds pie for dinner tomorrow.

My problem is that I have never really eaten red meat. And therefore I have never cooked with it. I can cook mince and chicken but am nervous about cooking beef or lamb. I think that I need to take a trip to my friendly local butcher (hes called Eric), get some beef and chuck it in with some ale, veg and gravy. And maybe make some dumplings to go with it. And hope that it turns out better than my last attempt!

6 thoughts on “Slow cooker disaster

  1. If you want to do a lamb roast, which is FAR easier than most people think, I have a practically foolproof method … email me if you like 😉

  2. yes! i don’t think one can really go wrong with slow cooking… it’s like magic – and smells/tastes delicious… keep us posted – how did it turn out?

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