Lovely People

Ooops, a small delay in posting due to manflu (me) and a very cranky and shouty boy (Scrap).

I would like to tell you about some Lovely People. These are the sort of People who come to stay for the weekend. When they arrive they offer gifts for the Scrap, and cider and wine for Mr WF and I. They also cause the Scrap to stop shouting and smile (he’s a little bit of a flirt). They also spend all day Saturday a) shopping for food for dinner, b) doing all the washing up (even the bits that have been there for months because Mr WF and I refuse to acknowledge their existence) and c) cooking us a delicious three course meal. I felt very spoilt. Especially as I was suffering terribly from manflu.

These are Lovely People indeed.

And Lovely People are greatly needed when you have manflu and have a very shouty boy. And by shouty I mean screaming at the top of his lungs for no discernible reason other than the fact that you are not walking around with him over your shoulder (whatever you do dont sit down).

Can you tell things are a little frazzled here? And by things I mean me. And by a little bit I mean an awful lot.

5 thoughts on “Lovely People

  1. Thanks for all the wine and hugs.
    Misslisa – problem is the dishwasher is broken so the washing up really is virtual!

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