This week…

Good things:
Have been given some money to buy new (shiny) dishwasher and fix oven
Scrap has his hernia op on Friday
Mum is coming to stay
Mr WF is not going away tmrw
Scrap loves real food and rolling over

Bad things:
Scrap hasn’t slept through the night, or even the evening for nearly 3 weeks
Mr WF has a nasty tummy bug (hence not going away tomorrow)
Scrap has hernia op on Friday
Have to cancel seeing my sister on sat due to op and sickness
Have to cancel seeing good friends and meeting their on on sat due to above
Have to sleep in spare room on less comfortable bed to avoid Mr WF and sickness

Bad things are far outweighing good things right now. I am tired and strung out and have very little patience left. Its just a phase though, right?

5 thoughts on “This week…

  1. It will be fine. Praying that Mr WF & Scrap make speedy recoveries.
    Plus, you’ll have your mum to help & that will be fabulous.


  2. Just a phase – yes. Everything is just a phase with the small people. Prayers that this phase will pass soon and you’ll get some sleep.

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