The thing that beeps

There is a thing in my house that beeps. A quiet non-offensive beep every minute or so. Eventually it becomes less non-offensive and more bloody annoying.

I don’t know what the thing is. Or how to stop it beeping. It was installed by the electricians when they rewired the house. It looks a bit like a smoke alarm but I know it isn’t. It says to press and hold the cover to silence it which I have done (several times) but it starts up again a day or two later. It also says DO NOT REMOVE COVER and DO NOT CHANGE BATTERY. Some days it doesn’t beep at all. Mr WF thinks that its related to how cold it is (he thinks it only beeps when it goes below a certain temperature). I’m not convinced but I’m happy to go with it. So long as he can make it stop (he can’t. He’s tried too).

Anyone seen that episode of Friends when Phoebe batters a smoke alarm to death?…

5 thoughts on “The thing that beeps

  1. That episode sprang to mind as soon as I saw the post title!!

    My smoke alarm beeps intermittently after it’s gone off, or if the trip-switch has been re-set. That’s not in the least helpful, but it’s the only thing I know about beeping objects!!

  2. I hope this doesn’t sound as patronising as it feels to be typing it, but are you sure it’s not a smoke alarm? Newer ones are wired into the mains with an internal battery to keep it going in the event of a power failure.

    Mine beeps in a similar manner if the sensor is a bit dusty, so you could try vacuuming it.

    Otherwise, get the lectricians back because it sounds like the internal bettery is going and they need to replace the whole unit.

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