So, things have been a bit (very) tough this week. Scrap has been in a fair amount of pain and there is alot of swelling and bruising on his delicate bits which resulted in a trip to A&E. Fortunately all is well, it will just take him a while to recover. The car is in the garage costing us a huge amount of money. Mr WF and I are both tired stressed and strung out and have decided that the way to avoid arguing is to limit conversation to the bare essentials. And the microwave blew up.

Last night, we decided that a holiday was needed NOW. So Mr WF has booked a week off starting in one weeks time. Today we decided that even though we’ve spent our entire holiday budget (and more) on fixing the car we would go on holiday and we would go somewhere beautiful and tranquil. I found a lovely little cottage with a heated indoor swimming pool in the Peak District which we are able to rent for just £200 for the week. Its in a village called Hope and I can’t wait!

There is Hope after all.

7 thoughts on “Hope

  1. If you cannot live in Hope, the next best thing is to take stay a while.

    With apologies for yet another hope based pun, and prayers for the rest to do the trick.

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