I want

Things I want to do include:
Bake (not unrealistic)
Strip the wallpaper in the dining room (it is currently in a bad, partly stripped state due to rewiring and replastering. Achievable but frowned upon by Mr WF)
Paint the dining room (will probably require hanging lining paper and I want it done before Christmas in time for hosting our first Christmas dinner. Also achievable but provokes frowning and wagging of finger by Mr WF)
Spend a day at a spa (approved heartily by Mr WF but not entirely practical at the moment due to feeding commitments)
Sleep for a whole night (see above)
Go on holiday to somewhere beautiful and warm (approved, practical but unfortunately too costly)

I think that I will settle for baking some cookies and using them to bribe some friends to come and strip the wallpaper for me. Who’s in?


Signs I have seen in recent weeks that have brought a smile to my face:

‘Ex-Catalogue Furniture Shop. We sell Wardrobes, Beds and Chester Draws.’

‘Trophy Pet Foods. None of our products are tested on animals….guaranteed.’

Not impressed

I ordered a watch and my mother-in-law’s birthday present online from a well known department store last night. I entered my address and card details. I then got a confirmation email with the wrong delivery address. It was the address I used to live at. Grr. Customer services was closed so I rang up this morning. Apparently, there is nothing they can do because I left it longer than 30 mins to call them (YOU WERE CLOSED. GRRR), I just have to hope that whoever lives there now doesn’t sign for it and sends it back. How unimpressed am I? VERY.

Not a lot really

I keep writing posts in my head, usually at around 2am when feeding Scrap (as in scrap of nothing as he is now 6 weeks old and still 5oz below his birth weight. I think we will still be calling him this when he is 6 foot tall tho!). By the time I am awake and near a computer I have completely forgotten what I was planning to say. So you’ll just have to take my word for it that despite having a baby and not getting much sleep, I can still manage to be witty, humourous and thought-provoking. Really, I can. I also haven’t lost the ability to spell or read or speak in coherent sentences.

On a different note, I would like to mention that this week is the week that Knitting Will Resume. I was given this for my birthday (it was last week by the way. Mr WF and I managed to go out for dinner without the Scrap. It was wonderful). But I am not allowing myself to even select something I would like to make from it until I have finished making at least one of the many things I started knitting for the Scrap but never finished. I am going to try and complete his blanket in the next few weeks. This may be unreaslistic but we’ll see. Oh how wonderful it would be to not be at work AND have time to make things.

A Golden Moment

Wispa Gold has returned! My favourite chocolate bar ever. I thought that the launch date was 14th September and have been waiting patiently for them to hit the shops. But imagine my delight when on a trip to the hospital shop to top up supplies (have you ever eaten hospital food – yuk) I found an entire box of them on sale. I was very restrained and only bought two. But how much joy did they bring!

The next dilemma that faced me is finding a local shop that would sell them. I wasn’t holding out any hope but imagine again my delight when Mr WF returned from our local Co-op (our nearest shop) with 3 of the golden bars.

Imagine again how my joy overflowed when the post arrived (never have I received so much post in one day) and in a pampering parcel from Liz was another Wispa Gold bar.


What a week

Jack and I were readmitted to hospital last Friday as he was jaundiced and so sleepy he was refusing to feed. We spent a long 4 days in hospital trying to coax him to wake up and eat. Finally, he has discovered that he quite likes food and has started putting on weight.

Mr WF and I are emotionally drained and very tired (strict 3 hourly feeding regime). I never expected it could be this hard. And I now have a new phobia of weighing scales – its far worse than going to Weight Watchers.

Jack, however, is perfect and we are looking forward to settling into life together over the next few days and weeks.

Greenbelt and more…

I made it to Greenbelt for the day on Sunday and spent it catching up with old friends, drinking tea at the Tiny Tea Tent, eating good food and, of course, the lovely Wibmeet. I had a wonderful day but was very very tired by the end of it!

Someone else seem to find it very exciting too. So much so that he decided to make an early appearance (4 weeks early) yesterday lunchtime. Jack Edward Wibblyfish was born at 1.02pm weighing 6lb15.5oz. He is gorgeous and healthy and amazing. He doesn’t even have a cone head!

Mt WF and I are still a little shell-shocked. Mr WF hadn’t yet recovered from the 3 Peaks Challenge he did at the weekend. So, we both started off parenthood with a severe lack of sleep (start as you mean to go on) and neither of us can walk up and down the stairs very easily now!

He is the boy so you can feast upon his gorgeousness:


Jack & Jo

Another list…

…of things achieved this morning, mostly done whilst sitting on the sofa relaxing:
Shopping delivered and carried in and unpacked by a nice delivery man
Gas bill updated with new meter reading
Handyman employed to finish off odd jobs around the house (including fixing the Bed that Mysteriously Broke)
Electrician on his way to repair 2 light switches
Two loads of laundry washing and hung to dry

I think I will sleep now.

Things that have happened

It has been an eventful few weeks. Things that have happened that I may or may not blog about in more detail in the future include:
Water coming through the ceiling in the kitchen (from the bathroom)
A wonderful holiday in Wales (I did mostly NOTHING. Yay!)
The cat weed on the Wii (both are still alive)
I had a baby shower (and now have enough appropriate clothes to dress the Boy Wibbly as a pirate for several months)
I now have an abundance of cake in the house (don’t worry, it will get eaten)
I may not be coming to Greenbelt (Mr WF has just decided to do the 3 Peaks challenge at the weekend)
The guest bed mysteriously broke in a rather dramatic fashion when noone was sleeping in it or even anywhere near it (it kind of snapped in two)

There will be pictures from the very beautiful place we stayed on holiday very soon (unfortunately I took no snaps of the chocolate farm – you’ll just have to imagine that one!).