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Second Worst Christmas Present Ever

The winner of my give-away has been announced. She was given the worst Christmas present ever. I thought that no-one could beat my own, but she succeeded. And I forgot to even tell you what mine was. So here it is:

Long before I met Mr WF I was dating a guy whose gransmother used to always buy matching present for me, his sister and sister-in-law. They were usually a bit tacky not generally not too offensive. One year, she decided to make us a present. She got a tacky doll (imagine a budget Barbie-type doll) and attached some weird plastic mesh around it to form a skirt, which she then embroidered. It was vile. But, to make matters worse, before I got a chance to upwrap the present, their dog had be caught chewing some of the presents under the tree. Mine was the one worst damaged. I opened a weird plastic doll-type thing that had bits hanging off and bite marks all over it. It looked like something out of Bride of Chucky (not that I’ve ever watched it) and was really quite terrifying.

If I had a picture of it I would post it here (although it would probably give you nightmares) but as I dont you will just have to use your imagination…

Give Away Day

Today is Give Away Day. It is a mass give-away of handcrafted items by lots of different blogs around the world. Check out the list on SewMamaSew to see if you can win anything.

Several weeks ago I a spent a glorious weekend with 2 good friends, L and M. We had a wonderful time shopping and creating and eating and drinking. We made silk paper out of silk fibres, fabric dye, angelina fibres and various other embellishments. I am giving away my favourite of all the many things that I made that weekend. It was destined to hang on the wall of my lounge, but instead will be sent to whichever of you can entertain me the most by leaving a comment to answer the question below. But first, you’ll want to see what’s on offer:

And now for the question…

What is the worst christmas present that you have ever received?

Entries now closed. Pop back later this afternoon to see who won.

* Entries will close on Thursday Sunday morning 9am (Greenwich Mean Time) [Deadline extended due to the HUGE number of Give-Aways at SMS]

* The comment that most makes me laugh, cringe or cry the most will win. My good friend Liz will be acting as independant adjudicator to ensure that it is a fair result

* I am happy to ship overseas, so everyone is welcome to comment but I cannot guarantee delivery before Christmas for non-UK entrants

* The winner will be selected on Thursday Sunday¬†and will be announced (hopefully) on Thursday Sunday evening along with a description of my own worst Christmas present (its a good ‘un – make sure you come back to find out!)