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Give Away Day

Today is Give Away Day. It is a mass give-away of handcrafted items by lots of different blogs around the world. Check out the list on SewMamaSew to see if you can win anything.

Several weeks ago I a spent a glorious weekend with 2 good friends, L and M. We had a wonderful time shopping and creating and eating and drinking. We made silk paper out of silk fibres, fabric dye, angelina fibres and various other embellishments. I am giving away my favourite of all the many things that I made that weekend. It was destined to hang on the wall of my lounge, but instead will be sent to whichever of you can entertain me the most by leaving a comment to answer the question below. But first, you’ll want to see what’s on offer:

And now for the question…

What is the worst christmas present that you have ever received?

Entries now closed. Pop back later this afternoon to see who won.

* Entries will close on Thursday Sunday morning 9am (Greenwich Mean Time) [Deadline extended due to the HUGE number of Give-Aways at SMS]

* The comment that most makes me laugh, cringe or cry the most will win. My good friend Liz will be acting as independant adjudicator to ensure that it is a fair result

* I am happy to ship overseas, so everyone is welcome to comment but I cannot guarantee delivery before Christmas for non-UK entrants

* The winner will be selected on Thursday Sunday¬†and will be announced (hopefully) on Thursday Sunday evening along with a description of my own worst Christmas present (its a good ‘un – make sure you come back to find out!)