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My dream (and a competition)

You may have guessed by now that I love creating things. I love to knit, sew, bake… the list could go on. I would love to spend all my time in my craft room creating things. I therefore need to make some money from it. I am hoping to start selling the things I make to see if I can earn enough of a living from doing what I love to not have to go to work in a job I don’t love every day. It may never happen, but sometimes you’ve just got to give it a try. 

I just need a name…. I have a friend designing a logo for me at the moment. I had a name in mind but have now decided that I don’t like it. According to M (a very good friend), the name doesn’t fit. It reminds her of flowers, whereas I make her think of spots and stripes and lots of colours!  

Any suggestions….. The best suggestion will win a prize (handmade and totally amazing of course). I’m intentionally not saying much about what I will be making and hoping to sell as I don’t want the name to limit future options.

Good luck. I will announce a winner next week.

[Update – to help those of you struggling with my vagueness, I am going to start off with selling things online and will be aiming to sell baby accessories, gifts, accessories, bags….Hope this helps.]