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Have you ever found that TV has taken over your life? You get home, turn it on and it stays in the background while you live your life. Conversations are held with it in the background, dinner is eaten in fromt of it. There never seems to be anything that I actually want to watch but I can’t bear to turn it off.

I am addicted.

So, as an experimental Advent venture, hopefully leading to breaking this addiction, TV is banned. Actually, its not entirely banned. Vegging in front of the TV is banned. It is allowed if there is something specific on that we want to watch. It is also allowed on Saturday mornings.

Last night, Mr WF and I fasted from TV. We made gingerbread men, then sat in front of the fire, drank mulled wine, read and talked. We talked more than wehave done for a long time. Its easy to co-exist quite comfortably, to get into the habit of leading quite separate, but quite contended lives. We’re making a stand. We don’t want to live like that anymore.

So, come and join us. Either by getting rid of your TV for a few nights a week. Or come over and join us with coversation, games, baking…